Welcome to Lunaria Professional Services (LPS)!  We are a locally-owned business focusing on improving business results through cost analysis, accounting, finance, and strategic consulting.  Our specialty lies in three areas:

First – maximum availability!  As reflected in our name, Lunaria, we offer our services outside of traditional business hours.  We know that business doesn’t end at 5PM, and some businesses run 24-7-365!  We’re here to help with questions and consultations after 5PM, as well as before 8AM by appointment.  You can reach us by phone, email, text, Skype, and Join.me to name a few.  We’ll use your preferred method and ensure you’re getting clear, timely communication.  You can reach us on weekends, and even on holidays.  Our business doesn’t punch out for the weekend, because we know yours doesn’t either.

Second – the CMA difference!  You’ve surely heard of the acronym CPA, or Certified Public Accountant.  Hiring CPAs can be costly, and their primary services aren’t what most business owners truly need outside of annual audits and tax returns.  A CMA, or Certified Management Accountant, will focus on improving your costs and business strategy by digging into the details and finding answers in data.  A CMA is better equipped for analysis and forecasting to make better decisions as you look forward, rather than backward at financial items that already happened.  Additionally, a CMA is generally adept with IT to quickly learn and adapt to your workflow, whether it’s scribbles on a napkin to transactions in a complex ERP system.

Third – personality!  It’s well-known that many accountants are introverts by nature, and aren’t always fun or personable to talk to.  You may have even met accountants you dreaded working with!  We’re here to break down complex financial topics in easily understood terms, so you can better understand and improve your business.  We enjoy working with friendly, positive, well-spoken people, and we’re sure that you do too.


We look forward to working with you, and offer free consultations with no obligation!