RoyceHix Royce Hix, CMA, has 9 years of professional experience.  Starting in the IT field, he later moved into the accounting/finance world.  He has an Associate’s degree in both Information Technology and Accounting, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Upper Iowa University.  He has been a practicing CMA (Certified Management Accountant) since 2014, working in various companies with increasingly complex roles and responsibilities ranging from inventory auditor to acting CFO.  These businesses have ranged anywhere from start-ups making $3,000/month to Fortune 500 companies reporting annual revenue in billions. This first-hand experience brings ideas you can immediately act on and see results in very short spans of time.

He enjoys volunteering with the Institute of Management Accountants, and has hobbies including playing guitar, discovering new bands, finding great local eateries, drinking coffee, and enjoying the occasional video game.  He is a life-long Wisconsinite who resides in Brown Deer with his girlfriend and their cat, Autumn.


Lunaria Professional Services takes its name from the word “lunaria”, which has a dual meaning for us.  First, is the relation to nighttime (lunar) and our idea to be open at night, be it the early morning or late evening.  Second, is the lunaria plant (Lunaria annua), also known as the “money plant” for the silver-dollar looking flowers it produces.  This fits us perfectly, to help your business blossom with the aid of a business partner available to you at night!