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Beta Testing Phases


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Oct 5, 2021
Happy Friday Lunarians,

While this announcement may come as a slight disappointment to our game testers we are confident it will be exciting all around.
We have regrettably been pushing off phase 2 of game testing for a few weeks now (ensuring new content is added and bugs are corrected from last phase).

With this being said we are confident at this point to give a more clear outline of events to come.
Starting the weekend of November 12th, we will begin our closed Phase 2 testing. This phase of testing will remain open for around a week long and will be updated throughout the process. After our closed testing session, we will host an extended open beta playable by all on November 20th. There will be competitions held during this open testing phase for in-game rewards and sought after prizes including but not limited to cash prizes. Advertising will begin on a much larger scale prior to the open beta session and we will have pre-sales opened in our store as well exclusive to beta testers.

While we know this is a bit longer than the game testers would have liked to waited for Phase 2 but we hope that by giving you solid dates that we feel confident in you can all be more excited about an approaching launch date announcement.

As always, thank you all for you continued support and we cannot wait to see you in-game very soon!

- 11iek2d.png Zac


Staff member
Oct 10, 2021
Very excited, looking forward to another great beta phase and being one step closer to launch
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