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Nov 8, 2021
-Name In-game Purple IRL: Robert
-Discord ID Purple #3738
-Age 29 :(
-Timezone EST

689.png Experience

-How many years have you played private servers? 4-5
-Do you have any previous experience with community management and assistance? yes about 1 year worth
-What makes you believe that you can be a useful member of Lunaria's staff team? i have about 17 years worth of runescape experience overall i am very active and try to be always helpful in the best of my abilities striving to do the best job i can!

689.png Additional information

-How many hours are you able to play/help assist players in Lunaria per week? (looking for a rough idea here) 6-10hrs weekdays (weekends 8-12)
-What is your available start date? anytime you guys need the help! <3

Please copy and past the above message providing your answers below each question in order...

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Server Support member for Lunaria!
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