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November's Game Tester Application.


Game Tester
Nov 20, 2021
-Discord ID



GMT -7:00

- How many years have you played OSRS/RS2?
Since 2004, on and off for about 15 years.

-How many years have you played private servers?
Since 2012, similarly on and off for about 8 years.

-What aspect of rsps/osrs do you enjoy playing the most?

I've actually played every single aspect of Runescape, early on being more in the PvP scene during the golden era of clans hopping from RSPS to RSPS since Battlescape / Cloud 9 / Alora / Soulsplit onto different types of clans including Mayhem (Pures), Liths and Blackup (Mains) to now enjoying more the Ironman grind on most servers, the last played being Zaros having been one of the top Ironmen ingame.

-Which aspect do you enjoy the least?
The economy once it's unbalanced, which is the main reason my enjoyment comes out of Ironman play due to most servers having a horrible management of the economy with little to no value of the grind in the game.

-What are your preferred tasks to test?
Full path of the Ironman content (including the small specific things one might need to obtain for a full clean progression) and managing the PvP aspect of the game (how smooth switching is, tick manipulation, balancing the damage, wilderness related content).

-How did you find Lunaria?
Runelocus Discord.

-How many hours are you able to test Lunaria per week? (looking for a rough idea here)
At least 14 hours a week if my week is fully crammed.

-What is your available start date?


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