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Please use this format when applying to be a Game Tester


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Dec 21, 2021
617892479735169024.png Tell us about you

-Discord ID; RAN-D#9539
-Age ; 28
Central European Time

Time in the Netherlands
Time zoneCentral European Time
UTC offsetUTC+01:00
Time notation24-hour clock

617892479735169024.png Experience

How many years have you played OSRS/RS2? ; 20 years.
-How many years have you played private servers? 8 years.
-What aspect of rsps/osrs do you enjoy playing the most? ;endless grinding.
-Which aspect do you enjoy the least? ; pking

617892479735169024.png Additional information

-What are your preferred tasks to test? slayer.
-How did you find Lunaria? from rsps lists.
-How many hours are you able to test Lunaria per week? (looking for a rough idea here) 15-20 hours
-What is your available start date? ; right now.
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