Here is a fairly comprehensive list of topic areas and subject matter we can help with:

  • Cash collection & receivables (receipts, billing process improvements, customer analysis, collection agencies, factoring, discount terms and payment speed)
  • Cash payments & payables (payment methods, PO process improvements, invoice timing, early payment discounts, terms extensions, supply chain analysis)
  • Banking (minimize fees, understand interest yields, plan future financing, maximize account benefits, seek best use of idle cash)
  • Financial close (month end, quarter end, year end, financial statement preparation)
  • Cost analysis (labor rates, overhead/burden rates, material use/cost, variance analysis, cost of goods sold, actual vs. budget)
  • Inventory (cycle counts, slow moving analysis, carrying costs, breakage/spoilage, quality/warranty costs)
  • Fixed assets (depreciation schedules, tax vs. GAAP, utilization rates, capacity/bottleneck issues, overhead/burden rates, return on assets, replacement costs)
  • Ad-hoc reporting (ratio analysis, analysis for shareholders/stakeholders, board of director reports, custom reports)
  • Planning (multi-year strategic goals, succession planning, key performance indicators, capacity/growth plans)
  • Benefits administration (section 125 plans, health/dental/vision costs and benchmarks, 401k/SIMPLE/IRA plans, payroll concerns, wellness programs)
  • Human resources (job descriptions, compensation, benchmarking, total cost of compensation reports, hiring strategies)
  • Networking (we personally know insurance brokers, bankers, lawyers, staffing agencies, marketing, photography, and sales firms, to name a few, that we can happily refer you to for additional help)


This list is not exhaustive – if you need help with any aspect of operating the business, call us today!