Our mission is not just to provide flexible hours and availability, but to offer flexible pricing as well.  Our general pricing options are below.

Hourly rate – charged in 15-minute increments, and inclusive of any travel time.  Offers flexibility and you only pay for what you use, as no minimums are required.

Fixed monthly charge – charged as a negotiable fee, month-to-month, with no contract required. Any emails/calls/visits can be made without worry of going over budget.

Flex seasonal/cyclical – charged based on specific metrics.  As a few examples, a percent of sales, margin, or net profit.  Great for seasonal and cyclical industries to have continuous service but lower cost during off-season months.

Other negotiable options – we are only successful if our clients are successful.  We are open to negotiation on a pricing plan and budget point that works for you, even if not listed above.

Free consultation – we offer free consultations! This can be in-person, by phone, video conference, or any other preferred method.